100% cotton fabric! 


Large Wax Wraps = 13in x 14in

Medium Wax Wraps = 10in x 11in

Small Wax Wraps = 7in x 8in


These wax wraps inculde a button and elastic string to tie the wrap down when you put them in the fridge.

Wax Wrap Variety Pack of 3 (S/M/L) - E.E.Taschen

  • 100% Cotton Fabric

    Wooden Button

    Elastic String

    Wax = Bees Wax, Pine Resin, and Jojoba Oil.

    • use mild soap and lukewarm water to wash off wraps when they become dirty. DO NOT use hot water!! This will start to melt the wax. 
    • If wax manages to rub off onto a surface, you can use goo gone to get the wax off or very hot water.