Customizing Your Order

If you want a specific size for your bag, or just want to try out a different fabric on a product then you are in the right place! We can customize orders here at E.E.Taschen. Below you will find photos of the fabric that we have available. 

Each photo has a specific number attached to it in the top right corner to make it easier to find the fabric you're interested in. Some fabrics only have a small amount left and wont be able to make bigger products. If you have questions about whether a specific fabric has enough left for a certain product, please email us at or go to the contact tab at the top to message us. 


When asking questions about the fabric please remember to use the number associated with it to help us better assist you! Let us know:

  • Name, address, how you would like to pay.

    • Payment options under payment methods.

  • Which product of ours you would like.

    • Bag (reversible or zipper), Produce Bags, etc...

  • Specific dimensions if you want one of the bags bigger or smaller

    • Dimensions of the products are listed under the product description.​

  • Would you like interfacing (*Bags Only*)

    • Interfacing stiffens the bags up and make it easier to stay open. If you look at our zipper totes, you will see a few bags that do have interfacing. ​

  • Which fabric you think you'd like.

    • Keep in mind that some fabrics might not have enough to make certain items so it is best to include a couple backup fabrics just in case. You can certainly ask us ahead of time about specific fabrics and what we can make with them. 

  • How many items you wish to purchase.


Not finding a specific fabric? Not a problem!

If you have a specific pattern in mind you can always message us your idea and we can always hunt for the perfect material for you! You also have some options to find the perfect fabric:

  • We can send you a few options of the fabric we find

  • OR if you want to pick out fabric and send it to us/drop it off we can let you know how much material is needed to make a product.